Alarm Clock #Preschool Teacher T-shirt

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Heavenshirt Alarm Clock #Preschool Teacher T-shirt .I’d had her take her makeup .and we’d fought (I think that’s where the hitting accusation came from, despite no bruises or marks anywhere) when she was already feeling sad as that November had been the 11th year anniversary since her FATHER had committed suicide. The teacher asks about the conversation the student had told the teacher about. Then, (this is where my daughter gets the blame) my daughter explained that her friend had asked why she seemed sad and after a bit of talking, she had wondered out loud, “I wonder what’s it like to die. I hope he didn’t suffer.” She now understands why you don’t say that, even though it’s perfectly human to wonder something like that.

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That’s when the counseler assured her that the Alarm Clock #Preschool Teacher T-shirt .Nope. Counseler then calls the cops, DFS and a local therapist, because she had asked my daughter if she felt sad a lot and my daughter had answered truthfully and said that yes, during November, a little more than usual, because, duh, he passed away, of course she’s sad. So, counseler determines that was depression. I was not aware of this until 9pm and there’s another knock on my door. DFS with a van ready to take my daughter 3 hours away to a mental hospital. My daughter tells them, she doesn’t want to go. She’s not afraid, she doesn’t feel in danger around me and she doesn’t want to die, then tells them THEY are making her afraid. But by that time, it didn’t matter, it was go or be taken from me, possibly put in foster care, and she’d be made to go, anyway.

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2 reviews for Alarm Clock #Preschool Teacher T-shirt

  1. Anonymous

    Love this shirt! Fit as expected. I like my shirts a little loose.

  2. Anonymous

    Great shirt!

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